Excel PU College


educate to elevate


A unit of Infinity Learning Foundation, Kuvettu village, Guruvayanakere, Belthangady Taluk, D.K, Karnataka

Over the past nine years, PUC Science stream students at our college have achieved remarkable success, leaving a wonderful legacy. The Excel Coaching Center, Ujire which was founded in 2016, served as the inspiration for our PU college. It was established with the prime objective of assisting students to succeed in the Karnataka PUC board exams and competitive entrance tests like NEET, JEE, CET, NDA, etc. for their easy admission to the popular contemporary vocational degrees like engineering and medicine.

We enable it by providing students a very strong curriculum foundation and by encouraging the essential level of competition among them. In addition, we are devoted to inspire young students’ patriotism and cultural awareness through regular cultural events on campus. Therefore, Excel PU College genuinely cares about providing its students a supportive academic and cultural atmosphere that will help them achieve their best.


Vision & Mission


To attain academic success through creative teaching and learning methods, help students' to find their hidden talents, and give them opportunities to reach their full potential.


We strive to be the right mentor for candidates of IIT-JEE, NEET, AIMS, JIPMER, and NITK while also assisting them in gaining a global perspective. We also support students' to achieve various competitive exams in India, such as the NEET, JEE, NDA, and CET.

Special Features

  • Every day, morning prayer along with yoga and meditation.
  • Qualified and experienced professionals to supervise Board and Competitive exams.
  • Learning-friendly Environment.
  • Value-based education essential for students’ overall development.
  • NEET/JEE (Basic/Advanced). NADA, NA, KCET, JIPMER, AIMS Integrated Classes.
  • Teaching Aided Technology (TAT)
  • Ideal Teacher-Student ratio
  • The College provides printed study materials.
  • Special coaching from renowned instructors.
  • Personality development programmes are regularly done.
  • Gives Individual Attention.
  • Excellent coaching and teaching.
  • Industrial visits and study tours.
  • Use of audio and visual technologies during teaching.
  • Large, fully- furnished and ventilated classroom.
  • completion of the courses on time and regular revision.
  • 24-hour CCTV surveillance.
  • Regular meetings between parents, instructors, and students.
  • Updates to parents about students’ attendance and performance through SMS, email, WhatsApp.