Excel PU College


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  • Excel PU College believes in helping its customers as much as possible. Under this policy:
  • The college policy for the specific year is followed when cancelling new admissions. If a student who has been accepted and who has paid the entrance fee, registration fee, and other payments wish to withdraw his or her name from consideration, deductions in accordance with the college’s policies for the specific academic year will be made.
  • If an admission has already been made (online or offline), it can only be cancelled with the consent of the management and the student/parents. Any disagreements can be brought up with the chairman and trustees of Excel PU College.
  • If Excel PU College approves a student’s application for admission and the institution declines to accept the student for the particular course for which he or she may have applied, the college will fully reimburse the fee that the student has paid.
  • The college will not be obligated to reimburse an entrance fee if a student or parent chooses to voluntarily withdraw from the college.
  • Unless there are problems or technological issues, we will do our best to process and credit the amount to the student/parent within 15-20 working days once a refund is approved by the college. Regarding the methods of payment for refunds, the college maintains the right.